Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sexism in Ads... Not Just for Women.

I think we're all pretty well-versed on the idea of sexism against women in the media, especially back in the day when the woman's place was in the kitchen (insert the woman jokes now please).  But as time moves forward, now men are becoming the subject of sexism in the media.  Whether they are being attributed to pigs (I think Jessie Spano a la "Saved by the Bell" may have wrote this one) buying Trojan condoms or just being a beer-guzzling idiot in commercials and printed advertisements.

In PR Junkie's "10 modern ads that are sexist toward men" they show these said ads, and surprisingly I had seen them all except for one or two.  It is interesting how when we see these ads, some of which are actually very old (maybe 5 years), and how at first I didn't think, "Oh, that's totally sexist against men."  I guess the times are a-changin'.

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