Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to garner more retweets

For those of you in the "Twitterverse," having someone retweet you can be a nice confidence booster because usually they're retweeting you because you were A) funny or B) smart/clever.

So, how do you get MORE people to retweet you?  Well, according to the article, "How you can attract more retweets"  there are ten things to keep in mind to garner more retweets.

Numero uno:  Timing.

Think about when you're on Twitter.  It isn't usually at 4 AM, you would normally be on it during the work day (Shhh... Don't let your boss know this!) between the times of 12PM and 5PM.  Well, this is the same with the rest of the world.  

Number 2: People really like sharing links.

Retweets more three times more likely to happen if there is a link involved.  If you follow the right people, the news will come to you.

Number 3: Keep it personal.

People are pretty into themselves, so they respond to the words "you" and "yours".  It will engage the  follower and get them to click on the links!

Number 4:  Slow down.

Don't be the annoying person on Twitter to tweet every minute.  Your followers will become immune to what you have to say and may miss out on the information you are trying to share with them.  If you tweet less often, your thoughts are more likely to be shared.

Numero cinco:  Tweet about Twitter

If it's about what you're using, people are likely to respond... Pretty simple!

Number 6:  Hashtags can help!

Trending topics can open up a whole new universe on Twitter.  If you tweet something with a hashtage, a follower can click on it and see what everyone else is saying too!

Number 7:  Include a call to action!

"CHECK THIS OUT!" or  "read this" can make people more likely to click on your link and retweet.

Number 8: Include a RT please

Asking kindly is a nice, but kind of pathetic way to get someone to retweet.

Number 9:  Leave a little space

Leave room for followers to leave a comment, that way it's interactive.

Number 10: Adjectives FTW

Adjectives are the missing ingredient in a great recipe. Without them your tweets can be bland and unentertaining, but with the right ones... BAM! You've got one delicious tweet.

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