Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 ways to optimize your blog for search engines

On the Social Media Examiner website, an article written by Jim Lodico called, "6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines," explains how people can use certain words and other technics to pop up on search engines more frequently.  The tips that are presented in this article are: start with quality content, determine targeted key words, write strong meta titles and descriptions, analyze and revise, internal and external links, and optimize the url.  In the article, Lodico goes into more detail about why each of these tips are important and how you can do them yourself.

This article relates to my PR class, because we are required to blog, and we have gradually learned how people have gotten job offers or other great things happen by simply blogging.  Having this type of information available is great for people blogging about their life or for a company because it will help them get their blog more traffic and attention, which I think everyone wants.  Granted, some of the tips listed above, may be a little more tech-savvy than others but with Lodico's explanations I think that everyone should be able to use them with little to no trouble.

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