Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On this gloomy day, I'd like to write about my generation.

This is a slightly more personal-esque post, but still keeps with the general purpose of this blog.  I wrote one post a few moments ago, and then gladly heard "You've got mail!" from my BlackBerry.  Inside, was yes, my PR Daily Newsfeed email...ahhhhh.

In this most-very-recent email, is an article about MY generation and how we basically have job ADD.
This article that I speak of is entitled, "The Price of Millenial Flibbertigibbetness?" My generation is referred to as the Millenial generation, probably because we have never worked before the new millennium.  Back to the point, the author of this article seems to believe that because we (my generation) are more likely to think that working somewhere, for say 3 years, is a long time that we are creating the work environments to treat everyone like they're seasonal helpers because we move on to new jobs fairly quickly.  The author mentioned that he has been working at the same company for 16 years, but I have only been LEGALLY able to work for about 4-5 years.  So, when I worked at Barnes and Noble for 4 years... that was a LONG time for me.

I think that the author has valid points, that it may not be in the best interest for my generation to go from job to job, but the article is very generalizing.  The article makes it seem like my generation isn't made up of hard workers, but only bored 20-somethings looking for the next best thing to come along.  If anything, I think my generation has a pretty tough outlook on jobs.  We've witnessed lay-offs of hundreds of people in a few days, a horrible economy, a war that brings with it outsourcing of jobs, ponzi schemes, and other events that, yeah, make us pretty wary to stay with a company for fear of these events happening directly to us.

I think another obstacle in the way for us is our parents' generation.  They have been running the world for a while, and with everything new coming into play (technology, new laws, etc) they've kind of freaked out a little bit.  Yes, my generation is addicted to technology, but people, use it to your advantage.  I can't count on my fingers how many times my mom has asked me to figure out how to use her phone, camera, or computer program for her and I've never even touched that piece of equipment before.  We just do it, and if you treat us like we're a welcomed part of the team, we can probably work wonders for you and your company.

I don't think that it is a matter of attention span for how long we keep our jobs, I think it has to do with what we have witnessed growing up, the same way that it has affected every other generation.  Plus, we're young still.  I know people that are almost 30 and still don't know what they want to do for a living, so please do keep that in mind, but try not to make it hinder us in the long run.

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